Transform your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

Transform your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

If you’re tired of the old boring look of your bathroom and the feeling you have when you enter, it may be time to transform it into a spa retreat. The first step is to pick out the perfect vanity from Revive Vanities.  Go with what aesthetically fits your style and design.  You might have to work around what size vanities will fit into the space you are creating inside your bathroom. Remember to compare features, functionality, color, and design. 

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Once you receive your perfect vanity and have it installed inside your bathroom space, you can then decide on what wall colors you would like inside your bathroom.

Remember to choose between soft and light colors to help a calming mood, like whites, light greys, light blues.

Accent Pieces:

Next you can start to add accent colors to help, like soft blues and greens, this helps with creating a calming spa experience.  Consider adding a plant, and light blue accent colors like blue soaps. 

Are you starting to feel calmer?  I know I am, anyways let’s move on to some other ideas to create that great spa like feeling.


You may also want to add a couple of speakers in your space, to be able to play your favorite music.  There are plenty of speakers that let you connect to your phone.  I recommend playing some soft music or the sound of rain in the background, or waves moving along the seashore. These will help create a calming effect, and a more spa-like experience.  If you want something more you could change it up by playing some light jazz, or nice piano music.  There are lots of apps you can download that will create a spa experience for you.


Don’t forget to add some candles into the space you are creating, you can find many colors that will accent the color or theme you are creating inside your private oasis.  You can get scented or non-scented candles to create the mood.

Bath Caddy

Bathtub Caddy:

Do you have a bathtub inside your space?  You can also add a bathtub caddy which will add a lot of spa-ness to your space.  They come in a variety of styles so pick one that fits the theme you are creating for your space. 


Add some luxury towels to accent your bathroom, especially if they’re hanging.  This will help create that spa-like feel and will change the mood in your bathroom.  Plus, they feel nice, just like a luxury hotel towel.


I also recommend adding a comfortable robe to your space, what is neat is you can get it monogrammed with your initials or anything you like, it could just say “Relax”.


Make sure and keep things clean by putting toiletries up in their place and hiding the toilet paper inside a cabinet or shelf.  Remember when picking out a vanity from Revive Vanities is to picture your bathroom essentials inside the cabinet or drawers.  This is a great place to store your items neatly and out of site to create a spa retreat. 

 Accent Rugs:

Next is to warm up your floors with some accent rugs that will add taste to your bathroom.  Also, it will keep your feet warm and create more of a relaxing time in your space. 

Dimmer Switch:

Last but not least, I recommend adding a dimmer switch to your bathroom to soften the lighting.  If you prefer you can put an accent lamp in your space to create the same effect. 

Revive Vanities is here to help you transform your bathroom into your dream spa and to help you relax and take time out for yourself. Enjoy!  Remember to contact us with any questions you have at