Buying Guide

How to choose a Bathroom Vanity

1. What type of vanity are you needing

2.  Choose how you want it mounted

3. Choose the material type 

4. Choose a Style 

5. Consider maintenance 

First decide on what type of vanity you are needing Single Vanity or a Double Vanity. 

This will depend on your space and functionality Single vanities can range from 18" to 42" in width  

Double vanities are best for shared bathrooms and can range from 48" to 72" in width 

Next, Choose the way you want it mounted. 

Freestanding vanities can sit right on the floor and have legs these are popular in both single vanities and double vanities.

Floating/wall mounted    are attached directly to the wall and can be hung at any height to easily accommodate your needs.  It also allows storage underneath if space is a issue.  

Corner Vanities are best for smaller spaces and for 90 degree corners.

Next step is choosing the materials.

You can choose from ceramic, stone, glass, and plastic for your vanity top. 

Ceramic is easy to clean and is a low maintenance choice.  

Stone is luxurious and elegant look from marble to granite, these can be a great choice.  They would need to be sealed and polished to maintain their sheen look

Glass created a modern and sleek look, and are stain resistant you would need to make sure and use a non scratch cleaners to keep a great shine. 

Plastic referred to acrylic or laminate is a budget friendly choice it is durable and low maintenance. 

Choose a style  there are several varieties of bathroom vanities to choose from, some will be more traditional or modern styles, also consider sink styles and cabinet details.  You will also want to consider storage from how many drawers the vanity has, to versatility.  

Consider Maintenance will you just need a cloth to wipe down and clean, or will the vanity top need to be sealed and polished.

Other items to consider is the type of sink design that will work best for you, some of our vanities come with the sinks and tops already installed, some you would be able to choose from.  

Consider your plumbing setup , most of our vanities come with access for plumbing lines also check if it comes with plumbing accessories like a p-trap or faucet.  You might be handy and be able to install yourself or you might have to hire a Licensed Professional Plumber to install.  Make sure and check out our install guides in the product description pages, this will also help in choosing the right vanity for you.  

At Revive Vanities we are hear to help please get in-touch with us if you have any questions with choosing the right vanity.